Closing Session

Day 3, 6 May 2022, 1630 - 1700 IST

Session Annotation 

In this session the dignitaries will share and reflect on the key outcomes and recommendations emerging from the policy, sectoral, regional and thematic forums on disaster resilient infrastructure at the conference that will inform the discourse on climate and disaster resilience of transitioning infrastructure systems.  

 Session Overview 

It is well recognised that infrastructure is fundamental to every aspect of society, including economic, demographic, fiscal and environmental. The role of well-designed and sustainable infrastructure becomes even more pronounced in the current scenario of global transitions in sectors such as energy, transport, housing, health, education and telecom. The climate crisis and the increasing occurrences of extreme events that can significantly disrupt infrastructure, further reinforce that building resilient infrastructure for the changing world is an imperative. In this interconnected world, integrating resilience in the transitioning infrastructure systems will be critical in meeting global goals and commitments towards low carbon and sustainable growth.  

A future-proofed transition will reflect in infrastructure that is resilient, renewable, and sustainable. People’s participation, nature, and standards and certification will play an important role in building resilience of existing and new infrastructure, supported by policy shift, finance, technology, and capacity building. These are pivotal aspects that will be discussed by experts in the policy, regional, sectoral, and thematic forums at ICDRI 2022 to help understand the challenges, identify opportunities, explore solutions, and recommend a way forward to deploy climate and disaster resilient infrastructure transition.   

The closing session of ICDRI 2022 will bring together the CDRI’s Governing Council Co-Chairs to share their perspectives on climate and disaster resilience of transitioning infrastructure systems. This will provide strategic direction to the efforts of the Coalition of Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) to promote and advocate for internalising disaster resilience in infrastructure design, planning, refurbishment and reconstruction.