Reimagining Global Health Infrastructure And Supply Chain Systems Towards A Resilient Future

Day 1, 17 March 2021, 1545 - 1655 IST

Session Annotation:

This virtual session will bring together the key reflections and lessons from the impact of COVID-19 on countries’ health infrastructure systems, practices adopted in scaling and repurposing the capacities of public health systems as well as in incorporating systemic approaches in governance to meet its challenges. It will discuss the implications of this pandemic for the future of resilient infrastructure in terms of opening opportunities for accelerating and transforming infrastructure development across sectors towards disaster and climate resilience.

Session Overview:

The world has seen unprecedented challenges in the past months with the health care infrastructure being subjected to unparalleled stress. The supply chain systems on which various facilities and undisrupted services depend have also been interrupted with fatal consequences.

COVID-19, however, has been pivotal in paving the way for unprecedented collaborative opportunities as well. As the world responds to the pandemic with many countries rolling out their vaccination drives, it offers a unique opportunity to build resilient health and supply chain systems that protect the world's most vulnerable as well as ensure that effective and affordable solutions are available to everyone. In this context, this session will reflect upon and discuss the following key questions:

  • What needs to be done to ensure that policies and regulations incorporate a systemic approach in design, delivery, governance, operations and maintenance of health care infrastructure and its dependencies?
  • What are the opportunities for innovations to strengthen resilience of health infrastructure and supply chain systems?
  • What should be the roadmap for realizing a resilient, accessible, inclusive and affordable health and supply chain system for all?

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