CDRI Fellowships: Fellowship Announcement for 2022-23 

Day 2, 5 May 2022, 0900 - 1000 IST

Session Annotation

The CDRI Fellowship Programme is a seed grant offered by the Coalition to encourage innovation and actionable solutions to real world problems in disaster resilient infrastructure. This session will showcase and celebrate the progress thus far of the first Cohort of CDRI Fellows (2021-2022), followed by the announcement of the Fellows for the second Cohort (2022-23). 

Session Overview 

The CDRI Fellowship Programme, started in 2020 with a clear understanding that making tomorrow’s infrastructure sustainable and resilient requires investing in high caliber research and innovation today. The Fellowship is a seed grant promoting research on innovative solutions to real-world problems in disaster and climate resilient infrastructure. Promising solutions emerging from the Programme will be shared widely and may be taken up for implementation in multiple contexts.  

The first Cohort of the Fellowship Programme (2021-22) comprises 21 teams and 47 Fellows from 12 CDRI member countries. The first Cohort of Fellows, which is nearing the end of its journey with CDRI, has demonstrated promise in terms of innovativeness and applicability of the proposed research solutions. 

For Cohort 2022-23 of the Fellowship Programme, CDRI received 160 applications from 18 member countries. Following a rigorous multi-tiered review and selection process, 15 teams from 9 countries have been finalized as awardees. The proposals include solutions focusing on early warning and decision support systems, resilience standards and nature-based solutions for resilient infrastructure.  

This session at the ICDRI will serve as a platform to celebrate the first batch of CDRI Fellows as well as unveil the awardees of the second Cohort 2022-23.