Prof Mark Idwal Howells

Professor, Loughborough University and Imperial College


Mark Howells is jointly appointed at Loughborough University (LU) and Imperial College, London. Previously at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, he set up their prestigious Energy Systems Analysis program. At LU he is the joint director of the STEER Center. He currently leads the program that includes LU, Imperial, OU, KTH, the Climate Parlement, UCL, Oxford, and Cambridge. He led the development of some of the world's premier open-source energy, resource, and spatial electrification planning tools; published in several Nature Journals; coordinated the European Commission's think tank for Energy; is regularly used by the United Nations as a science-policy expert, and is a key contributor to UNDESA's 'Modelling Tools for Sustainable Development Policies' initiative. His work has contributed to efforts for IEA, IRENA, ABB the World Bank, and others. Prior to joining academia, he has an award-winning career with the International Atomic Energy Agency.