Mr. Ede Ijjasz-Vásquez

Senior Advisor, Global Center on Adaptation


Ede Ijjasz is a Senior Advisor at the Global Center on Adaptation. In his 23 years career at the World Bank, Mr. Ijjasz led work in a wide range of development topics including global environmental issues, sustainable development, green infrastructure, water resources, climate change, agriculture, blue economy, resilience, fragility and conflict, resettlement, PPPs, ESG, and urban development.

He worked in more than 90 developing and emerging countries in all regions of the world – from fragile and conflict-affected countries to high middle-income countries. During his career he was for responsible for a portfolio of about $80 billion of investments and close to 800 policy and advisory reports. He was the Regional Director for Africa in the World Bank’s Sustainable Development Practice Group, Senior Director of the World Bank’s Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice, Director for Sustainable Development of the Latin America and Caribbean Region