Mr Alexander “Sasha” Wiese

Advisor for Sustainable Food Systems, Agriculture and Biodiversity Finance, UNEP FI


Alexander “Sasha” Wiese is a Technical Advisor for Sustainable Food and Biodiversity Finance at UNEP FI. He is an experienced banker and sustainable finance expert, with a focus on structuring biodiversity and nature-based financial instruments. Sasha spent more than 15 years of his professional career in the Capital Markets Divisions of large investment banks, mainly at Barclays and Credit Suisse, leading structuring teams on sustainable products for institutional investors across Europe.

After having left the banking industry, Sasha has been involved in leading financial innovation in the nature and climate space, structuring numerous debt-for-nature swaps, biodiversity-linked bonds and other sustainable debt instruments for the corporate and sovereign sector. He currently serves as Managing Director and Global Head of Biodiversity, Food & Agriculture Finance at Bankers Without Boundaries (“BwB”), a financial advisory firm providing cutting edge financial innovation guidance to cities, national governments, and private sector on projects furthering environmental and social objectives. Sasha holds a diploma in Mathematics from the University of Technology in Darmstadt.