Lieutenant-Colonel Faly Aritiana Fabien

General Project Coordinator, National Office for Risk and Disaster Management, Government of Madagascar


Lieutenant-Colonel FALY Aritiana Fabien is the Project Coordinator of the Bureau National de Gestion des Risques et des Catastrophes in Madagascar (BNGRC), which is the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management (NORDM). From his experience of nearly 17 years, first as a civil protection officer and then as a member of the Staff of the BNGRC, he has a solid professional experience in disaster and risk management. He is also responsible for nationwide coordination of the logistic sectorial group and information technology and communication sectorial group. His activities in this function include specific knowledge, great expertise and deep experiences in critical infrastructure, including energy and electricity generation, road network and transport, telecommunications and radiocommunications facilities. He was also involved in most of the disaster relief operations and management carried out to protect the population against natural hazard-related disasters. He also participated in post-disaster need assessments conducted locally to collect information related to critical sectors and technical areas of concern.