Dr Ramakrishnan T S

Consultant, Researcher, Public Policy Analyst, Teacher & Thought Leader


Ramakrishnan T S is a  Consultant,  Researcher, Public Policy Analyst, Teacher, Columnist and Thought Leader. He obtained his Doctorate (PhD) from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad in Management with Public Systems as Specialisation, after his Master’s Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Pondicherry University. He has carried out more than dozen projects on  Decarbonsiation of Railways, Semi High Speed Rail, Metro, Road, Integrated Mobility, Urban Housing and Public Private Partnership. He has written more than 100 articles in various English newspapers on Railways, Urban Transport, Traffic and Mobility, Aviation, Environment & Air Pollution, Agriculture, Disinvestment,  Public Finance and Budget,  Industry modernization and competitiveness, Political Economy and Economic Development versus Human Development, Polity, Politics, Elections, Law, Democracy and Society.

He also Participated in more than twenty TV discussions and online panel discussions on Railways, Infrastructure Financing & Public Private Partnership, Farm Laws, Budget, Inflation & diesel, petrol hike, floods & liveability of cities.